Guidelines to Using GloryHole

As with most websites, there are a few “rules” asked of you in order to keep everything running smoothly. The GloryHole website is totally free and all we ask is for you to following these simple terms and conditions

1. Please, don’t be a dick. Don’t get all hot headed and fluster-fucked if a guy has no interest in you or someone refuses to respond to you. Don’t flood his post/s or bombarded him with Private Messages. If something is not going your way and you take it upon yourself to make others on the GloryHole website feel as if they no longer want to be here because it has become your personal rant platform… remember, as Administrators and Moderators we have a little button called “Ban User” and it’s very easy to use. In a nutshell… we will not tolerate your bullshit. Just saying.

2. The age old SPAM and flooding. Now, we can’t control everything, from time to time there will be one douche (or two, possibly a robot douche, or worse, a Mrs. RoseBot Douche) who will find it amusing to spam posts, guys and the overall website. If this is you, be warned. We will do everything in our power to make your sex life a living hell and you will possibly never get laid again, ever!

3. Respect EVERY single guy. We are all here for the same thing. Some #straight and #curious guys may want to remain #discreet. Escorts and advertisers will use the platform (responsibly… #escorts makes sure you read point 6, its about you) as well, you have no right to judge what they do or slander any guy or escort on the GloryHole website. However, if that guy is out of line or his post/s doesn’t follow these simple terms, you can click the “Report” button on his post.

4. Engage and interact by keeping the site exciting. Stop being so boring, Update your profile. Regularly! (Unless you’re the discreet guy with no imagination.)

5. Posts involving incest, beastiality, children and anything remotely related is from the devil – that shit is wrong! Not forgetting the classics; “Dr. Love”, “Bigger Deeeck” and “Love Spell” kak. If you’re considering such fantasies and/or you are planning to sell your voodoo hocus pocus to the guys on the GloryHole website, read point 1 and 2 again.

6. Although we allow posts to contain images, links, videos and other HTML elements, please DO NOT go overboard with excessive links, especially to websites we find to be competitive, vulgar, inappropriate and just down right nasty! We will remove them. If this gets too much, we will be forced to “review” every single post and/or remove the ability to add links.

7. Although we allow posts for both fun and escort and #massage related services, we would still like to maintain a healthy balance and keep a smile on every guy’s face. Escorts, please, don’t post every single hour if you see your post has moved down the list or you are not getting any responses. By this we mean we don’t want to see 2 or more posts of yours one after the other on the homepage, we will delete them and quite possibly penalize or ban you from using the site.

8. We are covered! As the owners, administrators and moderators of the GloryHole website, we are not liable for any of your actions, content you may post, involve yourself and/or engage in. You are fully aware of the risks you take online and offline. You’re a grown ass man, you know what you’re doing. Man up and take responsibility for what you’re about to do.

For now, this is all we ask. If you can think of anything else, please let us know. Administrators and Moderators run this site with very little resources and no financial gain, so we’d be extremely grateful for any help along the way. We will be adding more “rules” as we grow and hope to only make the GloryHole website better for you.

Now, stop reading all the nitty gritties and get back to why you’re actually here – #sex!