Help & Support

Need some help? Here are some faqs and helpful tips to get you started.

1. What is a post?
2. How do I make a post?
3. Who can make a post?
4. What type of content can a post have?
5. How do I update my profile / pic?
5. How do I delete my account?

What is a post?

Posts are simple, easy, interactive and go live instantly. Think of a post as placing an instant classified. Posts have a title, content (text, photos, videos and/or links) and are interactive allowing guys to reply directly to each other (and move along when it is no longer holding your interest) – almost like a google group and email threads. You are also able to see which guy made the post, when he made the post and which city he placed the post.

How do I make a post?

To post your “instant classified”, you will need to be logged in or log in after you have drafted your post. Make sure you are on the homepage or in the actual city category. Click (or Tap on your mobile) into the red box just under the main menu and start typing the title of your post. Select your city from the drop down box (if you’re already in the city, it will be selected by default). You’re ready to start posting in the text box just under that. There are some post tools for you to use, including adding photos and links. When you’re done, just click the red “Post” button. That’s it.

Who can make a post?

Any guy (straight, gay, bi and/ curious ), aged 18 – 250 may use the GloryHole website to make m2m posts, provided you are registered and follow terms and conditions.

What type of content can a post have?

Your post may contain anything related to m2m “encounters” (sex, including escort, adult and massage services) for straight, gay, bi and curious men. This may be in the form of text, photos, videos and/or links. *Please note that the use of text tools, including the image and link features are not yet supported on our mobile site. We are working on this. 

How do I update my profile / pic?

Assuming you are logged in, click on your name or avatar in the top right-hand corner of the site, select “My Profile” from the drop down. Next on your profile page, click the red “Edit Profile” button. You are now ready to edit your profile. Hover over your profile pic and it will change to show a pencil icon and “Change Profile Pic”, click and select the new profile pic from your computer. To change your profile details, use the form as normal. When you’re done and satisfied with your changes, click the red “Submit” button. *Again, with a mobile device, updating your profile pic is not fully supported yet, we are currently working on ways to sort this out.

How do I delete my account?

If for some reason, the GloryHole website isn’t doing anything for you and you would rather remove your profile from the site completely, you can email Adam at with a “Delete my account” request. Although this will make us really sad, we will respect your decision and delete you account immediately. If you decide to visit us again and want to make use of the site, you will need to register a completely new account.