Media Policy

Last updated 9th June 2018

GloryHole allows you to upload media as part of a post. This page explains our policies around what you can and cannot post. We allow most forms of adult content in posts. However, you may not use such content in your profile or header images.

Posting other people’s content that you do not have a fair right to post will result in a warning, followed by suspension.

The Code of Conduct applies to all media.


Adult content is permitted in posts. However, you may not include this type of content in profile or header images.

While we want people to feel free to share media that reflects their creativity or individuality, or to show what’s happening in the world, we will take action when it crosses the line into abuse towards a person, group, or protected category.

Finally, we may sometimes require you to remove media containing excessively graphic violence out of respect for the deceased and their families if we receive a request from their family or an authorized representative.

When this applies

Adult content

We consider adult content to be any media that is pornographic and/or may be intended to cause sexual arousal. Some examples include, but are not limited to, depictions of:

  • full or partial nudity (including close-ups of genitals, buttocks, or breasts)
    • Please note that exceptions may be made for artistic, medical, health, or educational content.
  • simulating a sexual act
  • intercourse or any sexual act (may involve humans, humanoid animals, cartoons, or anime)

Do I need to be the target of this content in order for it to be a violation of the GloryHole Rules?

No, we review both first-person and bystander reports of such content.


When adult content, graphic violence, or hateful imagery appears in posts, we may place this content behind an interstitial advising viewers to be aware that they will see sensitive media if they click through. This allows us to identify potentially sensitive content that some people may not wish to see.

However, if such content appears in header, or profile images, it will violate our media policy. The consequences for violating this policy depend on the severity of the violation and the person’s previous record of violations.

The first time someone violates this policy they will be required to remove the imagery. Subsequent violations could result in permanent suspension.