Last updated: 12th February 2021

The aim of this safety page is to help protect you. It is a good idea to read through them.

1. Be careful when cruising public places.
Please be alert and practice caution when cruising in public places. Always ensure the place your intend to cruise and meet up at is safe and you understand the risks and what is allowed. Cruising spots are user-generated and discloses your exact location, essentially this is open for anyone who has access to this site to see. DO NOT engage in sexual acts in public, once you meet up, take the fun somewhere private.

According to the Sexual Offences Act 23 of 1957, any person who entices, solicits, or importunes in any public place for immoral purposes, shall be guilty of an offence. Furthermore, any person 18 years or older who willfully and openly exhibits himself or herself in an indecent dress or manner at any door or window or within view of any public street or place or in any place to which the public have access, shall be guilty of an offence. 

2. Send your number privately.
We strongly advise that you only send your telephone number privately via the messaging system and not ‘advertise’ it in posts. This is risky, especially if you want to remain discreet and keep things privately. Some members have also been spammed. Posts advertising “WhatsApp Groups” or anything related to “drop your numbers” will be deleted.

If you do not understand anything or have any some suggestions for this page, please contact us.